The world of business is very diverse and at times beyond our eyesight. Yet in this vast sector, all we come across are people who with their constant dedication and hard work, leave their legacy. Our topic of exploration today is Kishor Bajaj, a renowned figure in the world of business. To all those who are familiar with him and even to those who are unaware of him; by reading the provided information you will get quality knowledge. Useful for both the knowns as well as unknowns by adding more information to your memory and collection. 

    Who is Kishor Bajaj?

    Widely considered a pioneer of India’s fine dining business, Kishor Bajaj is among the well-known Indian Businessmen, restauranteur, and philanthropists. He was the first person in India to open the country’s first Michelin-starred restaurant in Hakkasan in Mumbai. Apart from this he also founded KA Hospitality and the Badasaab Group. Over the years, after his economic success, he led the ‘Kishor Bajaj Foundation’, which is known for supporting charitable projects in Education, Healthcare, and Community Development. 

    Biography of Bajaj

    Full NameKishor Bajaj
    Date of Birth23, November, 1953
    Date of Death17, March, 2023
    Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharastra, India
    Profession Businessman
    Marital Status Married

    Kishor Bajaj Age

    Born on November 23, in the year 1953, and passed on 17th March 2023, Bajaj was 69 years old at the time of his age. His zodiac sign was Sagittarius and his traits well matched his sign.  

    Physical Appearance of Bajaj

    Bajaj was of a standard height of 5 feet 7 inches and used to weigh around 67 kilograms. His eyes are black, and his hair is dark black

    Education of Bajaj

    Though there is very limited information about the education of Bajaj, sources suggest that he had completed his Graduation. He pursued and completed his bachelor’s degree in business from Mumbai University. 

    Bajaj’s Career

    Bajaj has created an impressive career in the world of business and has become a well-known businessman in India. He has made a significant contribution to the world of the hospitality industry. Kishor is the founder of Badasaab Group, which is a multi-faceted business that specializes in custom apparel, corporate dress, and worldwide luxury retail. He is also popularly known for his attempts to introduce foreign cuisine and services to Indian standards. In his attempts, he made history by presenting Mumbai’s first Michelin-starred restaurant, Hakkasan, in a complete standalone style. 

    Bajaj’s Family

    Kishor married Kintu Baja, who is presently the Director of Kishor’s KA Hospitality restaurant division. The couple has two children, Kresha Bajaj and Karyna Bajaj, among which Kresha is older and is 35 years old.  Kresha is a popular fashion designer in India and is married to Vanraj Zaveri, son of Hemant Zaveri. Karyna is the younger daughter of Kishor is 29 years old. She works as an Executive Director of KA Hospitality Private Limited. 

    Cause of Bajaj’s Death

    Notable businessman of India who marked the newest height of transforming India’s culinary business and opening the country’s first Michelin-starred restaurant. Bajaj died at the age of 69 years old for which the reason is unknown. Most of the famous celebrities paid tribute to him like Amir Khan, Sanjay Dutt, and more. All these celebs were present at the prayer gathering on March 21, 2023, in Mumbai. 

    Bajaj’s Net Worth

    As we all are aware Bajaj is one of the wealthiest businessmen and industrialists. He has achieved several heights of commercial enterprise that made him a wealthy man in Bombay. Sources suggest that he has an estimated net worth of more than INR 20 crore


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