Anupamaa is an excellent show to watch out for any aspiring homeowner. It follows the daily life of a Gujarati household worker and her struggle to keep her family united. The sacrifices she makes are not just hard and painful, but also inspiring in many ways. This creates Anupama as an encouraging role model for many. The actors who play here are exceptional and you will not regret it one second.

    The television drama airs in the Hindi language with Star Plus and is also accessible online through Disney+ Hotstar. Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey play the main actors in the show. You’re probably wondering what to get from the popular serial Anupama. Anupamaa is the protagonist who abandoned her choices to serve her family. This blog piece explores the history of her character and highlights some of the most memorable events.

    Show Profile

    Original networkStar Plus
    No.of Seasons1
    Main CastRupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey
    ProducerRajan Shahi, Deepa Shahi
    DirectorRajan Shahi
    ConceptZama Habib
    StoryNamita Rakesh Vartak
    ScreenplayBhavna Vyas
    DialogueDivya Sharma, Aparajita Sharma
    EditorSameer Gandhi
    MusicSargam Jassu and Nakash Aziz
    Production DesignerVinod Bhag, Nikhil Bhatia
    DoPGulshan Shah
    Creative DirectorKetaki Walawalkar
    Series DirectorRomesh Kalra
    Production HouseDirector’s Kut Productions
    Running Time20-24 Minutes
    Original Release Date13 July 2020 –present

    About Anupamaa

    Anupama the kind and caring mother who strives to improve things every day. Just to satisfy her husband, who hasn’t been kind or even kind. She will also try to please her mother-in-law who makes her feel bad for the wrong that her husband has committed. He has never been pleased with her and was rude and did not show regard. The show depicts a husband who refuses to let his wife work. He constantly rejecting her affection and humiliates her for not being educated.

    Though she is kind and extremely forgiving and able to adapt to everything that comes her way. She can’t stand betrayal or infidelity, particularly to her husband Vanraj who she thought was her everything. This is why she’s not prepared to accept the betrayal of her husband. She is not ready to accept his apology so quickly.

    In the following years, she set up a business together with one of their lost classmates- Anuj Kapadia who was secretly in love with her. While receiving respect and love from him, Anupamaa realizes that she might feel the same however we don’t know the truth at this point.

    Cast and Characters Analysis

    Character NamePlayed ByDescription
    AnupamaaRupali Gangulithe central character of the show a committed spouse and mom who always puts her family first. selfless and kind hearted personality.
    Vanraj ShahSudhanshu PandeyAnupamaa’s husband and a businessman an unfaithful husband Vanraj’s fling with his co-worker Kavya is a major plot element in the series.
    Kavya ShahMadalsa Sharmasecond woman in Vanraj’s world,an important obstacle on the way to her discovery.
    Anuj KapadiaGaurav KhannaAnupamaa’s long lost classmate the most caring person who always respects his wife ensures she is never in doubt.


    2020Gold AwardsDynamic ActorWonSudhanshu Pandey
    2021Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Actor PopularWonSudhanshu Pandey
    2021Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Actress PopularNominatedRupali Ganguly
    2021Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Actress in Supporting RoleNominatedMadalsa Sharma Chakraborty
    2021Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Show PopularNominatedAnupamaa
    2022Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Actress PopularWonRupali Ganguly
    2022Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Actress JuryNominatedRupali Ganguly
    2022Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Actor PopularNominatedGaurav Khanna
    2022Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Actor JuryWonSudhanshu Pandey
    2022Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Show PopularWonAnupamaa
    2022Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Actress ComedyNominatedAlpana Buch
    2022Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Actor ComedyNominatedShekhar Shukla
    2022Gold AwardsBest Actor in a Leading RoleTBDGaurav Khanna
    2022Gold AwardsBest Actor in a Leading RoleTBDSudhanshu Pandey
    2022Gold AwardsBest Actress in a Leading RoleTBDRupali Ganguly
    2022Gold AwardsBest Actor in a Supporting RoleTBDParas Kalnawat
    2022Gold AwardsBest Actress in a Supporting RoleTBDNidhi Shah
    2022Gold AwardsBest Actress in a Negative RoleTBDMadalsa Sharma Chakraborty
    2022Gold AwardsBest Actor in a Comic RoleTBDShekhar Shukla
    2022Gold AwardsBest DirectorTBDRomesh Kalra
    2022Gold AwardsBest Fiction Show of the YearTBDAnupamaa

    Anupamaa Review

    Ranked among the most watched shows of Indian television, Anupamaa topped the TRP rankings several times. Rupali is doing an amazing job by showcasing her outstanding talent by playing the lead role in Anupama. The tale is all about the traumatic experience that many females face at their homes. They have to sacrifice their choices for their family.

    After it gained so much acclaim across five languages, the show became popular among Hindi watching genre. Now, it is also available in Kannada language and now screening in seven languages in India. The show brings a new viewpoint to the table that no other Indian Television show has covered from the past decade.

    The show depicts a quite relatable plot that actually marks the success of the show. Apart from this, the strong performances of the actors and the way directors are depicting the social issues are undoubtedly inspiring. The audience acknowledges this show for its portrayal of the challenges faced by a mother and the dynamic of the relationships in a family.

    Serial Timing

    Channel NameStar Plus
    Show TimingsEvery night at 10pm
    Running Time20-22 Minutes
    Starting Date13 July 2020
    Repeat Telecast TimeStar Plus HD : 9am, 11:30amStar Plus : 9am, 11:30am (Time may vary)


    We tried our best to cover every relatable aspect to the popular Indian Show- Anupamaa that our readers must know in this blog piece. Portrayed exceptionally by the most talented crew, the show managed to grab a good number of awards. Popular among most Indian households, the show explores the complexities of family relations and the difficulties they create.